17 June 2012

The Burger Bar

A couple of weeks ago my hubby and I took my daughter, Kat, shopping downtown in Kensington Market. She was looking for a Grade 8 graduation dress. (My baby is growing up!) Since my husband is gluten-intolerant, we decided to try The Burger Bar, since they have gluten-free buns for their burgers. :)

I love all the vintage beer bottles around the restaurant. They serve lots of local beers, my husband and I tried the Augusta Ale ($6.25/pint), since the only gluten-free beer they carried was Nickel Brook.  :(

It was actually pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. It was light and refreshing on that hot and sweaty day. Also, it went well with our yummy burger and fries. :)

Kat had the Cow Poke burger ($6), which had a smaller 4oz patty. She is as much of a foodie as we are, so she also added onion rings ($2 extra) and cheese ($2 extra) on her burger. She loved it. It was so good! Good thing she opted for the smaller burger because she almost didn't finish it. :)

I ordered the Mushroom burger ($8). I loved it!! I forget sometimes, that something so simple like grilled marinated portobello mushrooms can taste so good. Of course, arugula pesto and roasted peppers also helped. :) 

My husband ordered the Bison burger ($11), hand down his favourite type of burger, but only if it's cooked perfectly. He said it was almost perfect, just a tad over done, but still good. :) He had his burger on a gluten-free bun. He said the bun was alright. He wished he would have ordered a normal bun. Talk about a glutton for punishment, right? *sigh*

Our most favouite thing we ordered was the 50/50 fries ($5). It's a mix of regular fries and sweet potato fries sprinkled with masala salt served with homemade chipotle ketchup. We devoured this bowl of fries, if we had more time, I think we would have order another one. :) ** Just a warning though, the Burger Bar only has one fryer, so those with  severe gluten-intolerance or Celiac should stay away of their fries. Sorry! **

I can't wait for the next time we go, I really want to try their Lamb burger - 6oz organic lamb, kimchi, Danish blue and dijon. (I'm drooling as I type right now. lol )

Have you been to the Burger Bar? What did you think? Do you have another restaurant recommendation in the same area?

13 June 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Yum!! Salmon Shashimi :)

10 June 2012

Brampton Rib n' Roll

A couple of weeks ago was Brampton's Rib n'Roll at Gage Park. It's our Ribfest. It was a good time, and because it's a small event the line-ups were no where as long. I think my husband was in line the longest at Jake's Boathouse, which made sense because they hands-down had the best ribs!

Even their coleslaw was good
Half Rack - $12 
The one thing that was odd with this Ribfest compared to the other larger ones was the tickets. Instead of paying cash at each rib vendor, you purchased tickets at the ticket booth. It ended up being a great idea, then the vendors did not have to worry about money, just serving hungry patrons as fast as they could. :)

There was live music, which my kids love dancing too but as with every other event at Gage Park, there is never enough seating and of course we forgot to bring our own chairs. :(

The kids always have fun at Gage Park, even without any event. Gage Park has a great playground. :)

Yum! Roasted corn on the cob - $3

I should have taken a picture of the guy grilling these bad boys, he was wearing goggles and I swear there was some beside him wiping the sweat from his forehead. lol! 

*Crabby Joes*
1/2 rack - $12
In my opinion, not worth the money. Their ribs were nice and meaty, but the flavour was not great. I love cole slaw but not this one. Just tasted like shredded cabbage. I know that's what it is, but I expected too much I guess. :(
* Louisiana Seafood & Steakhouse *
1/2 rack - $12
Ribs were never very meaty, and the sauce was a little spicy, which i liked. The ribs were fall off the bone, which makes it yummy. The rice definitely helped.  

* Smokey Mountain *
1/2 rack - $12

These ribs were huge, but not great. They were not fall off the bone, and kinda tough. The sauce was yummy, but I think I would have looked weird if I was just licking the sauce off the ribs. The cole slaw was average. I think it need some salt. 

The next Rib Fest we usually attend is the Mississauga Rib Fest at Square One, however I want to hit the big Toronto Rib Fest at Centennial Park. 

Have you been to any Rib Fests in the past? Which one is your favourite? 

06 June 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday's lunch! Doesn't Instagram make everything look better? :) 

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