26 July 2011

Last Nights Dinner

The past few days I have been craving my Grandma's home cooking. I know I will never be able to re-create her incredible Chinese home cooking, but I can try right. Especially, because there are so many great pre-made sauces and marinade available at our local Asian grocery store.

So I made a semi-authentic version of what my Grandma would have made for dinner: Congee with Black Bean Mixed Beans, Chinese Broccoli with a drizzle of oyster sauce, and Black Pepper Pork Chops.  It was so good. I would to say I'm superwoman and was able to make everything from scratch, but that would be a small fib. :)

Cake Pops! - Sock Monkeys :)

I saw these online and had to make them. They were the cutest little monkeys. I made them for birthday party we were attending for our neighbour's little girl. She will be attending the same school as Alyssa in September. They might even be in the same class, how awesome is that! :)

22 July 2011

Cake Pops! - Pokeballs

Well, since I don't like to do things simple...EVER!! I decided to make cake pops. Since, I have gotten pretty good with my cupcakes and the flavours are getting better and better. I thought I would try the latest craze - Cake Pops!

Like, I said never doing anything simple...I decided on making Pokeball Cake Pops and covering them with Fondant, to boot!! *sigh* I'll never learn. LOL!

18 July 2011

Sweet Adventures!

In addition to cooking lots, I have done quite a bit of baking. Here's just a few of my sweet yummies!! :)

Chocolate Bailey's Irish Cream Cupcakes with Bailey's Irish Cream Buttercream Frosting.

Next time, I won't waste my Bailey's in the cupcake and just use it in the frosting. The chocolate just overpowered the Bailey's flavour.

Young Garlic! My new love!

I have been going the local farmer's market with my sister-in-law, who loves food ALMOST as much as I do. She introduced me to young garlic. Oh My God!! I am in love!! My husband loves all things garlic, but Me? not so much. I don't like the sharp bite, it sometimes has. Then, there's young garlic. No bite, and has this amazing mellow garlic flavour. I saute it with veggies, through it in with my pasta in huge chunks. Recently, I grilled a whole head of young garlic on the BBQ and added it to my mashed potatoes with a little horse radish. OH MY GOD!! I was in heaven. My husband, who was not hungry at the time, ate a whole plate of potatoes alone.

Recent Meals:)

Well, I finally have access to my blog! Yay! I know it's been a while since I have posted anything, so here are some of my meals I have created for my most awesome family!! :)

Slow Roasted Lemon Garlic Chicken with Maple Glazed Carrots, Roasted Corn and Peas, Spinach Florentine Scalloped Potatoes

I also made homemade gravy with pan drippings and red wine. It was soo...good. No leftovers!! :)

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