17 June 2012

The Burger Bar

A couple of weeks ago my hubby and I took my daughter, Kat, shopping downtown in Kensington Market. She was looking for a Grade 8 graduation dress. (My baby is growing up!) Since my husband is gluten-intolerant, we decided to try The Burger Bar, since they have gluten-free buns for their burgers. :)

I love all the vintage beer bottles around the restaurant. They serve lots of local beers, my husband and I tried the Augusta Ale ($6.25/pint), since the only gluten-free beer they carried was Nickel Brook.  :(

It was actually pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. It was light and refreshing on that hot and sweaty day. Also, it went well with our yummy burger and fries. :)

Kat had the Cow Poke burger ($6), which had a smaller 4oz patty. She is as much of a foodie as we are, so she also added onion rings ($2 extra) and cheese ($2 extra) on her burger. She loved it. It was so good! Good thing she opted for the smaller burger because she almost didn't finish it. :)

I ordered the Mushroom burger ($8). I loved it!! I forget sometimes, that something so simple like grilled marinated portobello mushrooms can taste so good. Of course, arugula pesto and roasted peppers also helped. :) 

My husband ordered the Bison burger ($11), hand down his favourite type of burger, but only if it's cooked perfectly. He said it was almost perfect, just a tad over done, but still good. :) He had his burger on a gluten-free bun. He said the bun was alright. He wished he would have ordered a normal bun. Talk about a glutton for punishment, right? *sigh*

Our most favouite thing we ordered was the 50/50 fries ($5). It's a mix of regular fries and sweet potato fries sprinkled with masala salt served with homemade chipotle ketchup. We devoured this bowl of fries, if we had more time, I think we would have order another one. :) ** Just a warning though, the Burger Bar only has one fryer, so those with  severe gluten-intolerance or Celiac should stay away of their fries. Sorry! **

I can't wait for the next time we go, I really want to try their Lamb burger - 6oz organic lamb, kimchi, Danish blue and dijon. (I'm drooling as I type right now. lol )

Have you been to the Burger Bar? What did you think? Do you have another restaurant recommendation in the same area?

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