22 July 2011

Cake Pops! - Pokeballs

Well, since I don't like to do things simple...EVER!! I decided to make cake pops. Since, I have gotten pretty good with my cupcakes and the flavours are getting better and better. I thought I would try the latest craze - Cake Pops!

Like, I said never doing anything simple...I decided on making Pokeball Cake Pops and covering them with Fondant, to boot!! *sigh* I'll never learn. LOL!

It's pretty funny, Alyssa and Logan never eat my cupcakes. They only lick the frosting and return the cupcake.  But put a stick in it and they could NOT stop eating them. They preferred the ones which did not have any chocolate or fondant on them. Go figure, huh?

At least they were fun to make. I like that their small size, but it's like eating mini cupcakes. There's small, so they don't count. :)

So, here are some photos of my experiment. Oh, I got my wonderful daughter, Kat, to "help" out.

Here's Kat crumbling the leftover cupcakes. 

Here's Kat mixing in the frosting. She was so grossed out by the feel.
By the time I told her to use a spatula, it was too late. She had already stuck her hands in. LOL!
Since she was committed, she just kept mushing everything together.  

Alyssa "testing" a cake pop even before I had time to dip them into chocolate. 

First 2 Pokeball Cake Pops.
Not too shabby, so I continued making them. LOL!

All done!
As you can see, there were a few that fell off the sticks. I guess I pushed the sticks too far into the cake balls. So I just wrapped the whole thing in Fondant and they look like actual Pokeballs now. 

After I ran out of red Fondant, I decided to make regular Cake Pops!.
Oh my goodness, these were so much easier.  LOL!

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