24 April 2012

Handmade By Latdao

Well, I started my Etsy shop, set up my Facebook fan page...now what? No idea. I was feeling kinda lost. So, what do I do when I feel lost? I bake cupcakes. :) Puts me in my happy zone.

This past weekend I have decided to add my gourmet cupcakes to the list of "handmade" items I plan on selling. Success! I got an order to make seven, that's right SEVEN, dozen cupcakes for a baby shower. Here are just a few flavours which were ordered:

Mint Chocolate

Vanilla Cookies n Cream

Red Velvelt

I'm still working on taking more pictures of my cupcakes, but the problem is I don't have anyone to eat them anymore. My husband is gluten-intolerant, so having more then one cupcake would make him a very unhappy camper. Which then would make me an unhappy camper. Which would then, mean I want to make cupcake. *See how there is an issue here* LOL!

Last minute, I decided to have a cupcake tasting this Thursday. I am working on a couple new cupcake recipes and need some Guinea pigs to try them. I have some eager volunteers, thank goodness! I am also making a light lunch before the cupcake frenzy. :)

I hope I get lots of good feedback and this event won't be a total flop. Because that would total SUCK!! Right now, I'm optimistic. Come....who DOESN'T like cupcakes right? :)

Wish me luck! I think I'm going to need it.

Would you come to a cupcake tasting? 
What day/time would be best?

Happy Eating! :)

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