30 April 2012

Mac N Cheese - Gluten-Free/Lactose Free

My husband loves his Mac N Cheese, but now it would make him super miserable. Well, thank goodness I figured out how to cook gluten-free pasta properly, or I would have a very depressed husband.

So I made him, Mac N Cheese. :)

Some Daiya Cheese, frozen peas, and Garlic spice blend and this Mac N Cheese is all grown up. And it was so good! Even I couldn't stop eating it. :)

I decided to try another new brand of Gluten-Free pasta this week: Italpasta's Gluten-Free pasta.

It's actually a blend of rice and corn flour. So far, this has been my favourite Gluten-Free pasta. I have enjoyed the regular rice pasta, but corn pasta has definitely been my least favourite, but this blend is awesome. It's actually light, well it tastes like, I guess more like an egg pasta. (Which is my favourite type of pasta!)

What's your favourite quick and easy pasta dish?

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