26 July 2011

Last Nights Dinner

The past few days I have been craving my Grandma's home cooking. I know I will never be able to re-create her incredible Chinese home cooking, but I can try right. Especially, because there are so many great pre-made sauces and marinade available at our local Asian grocery store.

So I made a semi-authentic version of what my Grandma would have made for dinner: Congee with Black Bean Mixed Beans, Chinese Broccoli with a drizzle of oyster sauce, and Black Pepper Pork Chops.  It was so good. I would to say I'm superwoman and was able to make everything from scratch, but that would be a small fib. :)

For the mixed beans, I used Lee Kum Kee's Black Bean Sauce. For the Chinese Broccoli, I used Lee Kum Kee's Oyster sauce and a drizzle of their Sesame Oil. Oh, and for the Pork, I used their Black Pepper Sauce and grill the pork chops on the BBQ. The Congee was made from scratch, but it's so simple to make and so good in place of your typical Jasmine rice sometimes.

My husband, who's never eaten dinner like this, enjoyed it. The only complaint was the Congee was bland. I told him, it's suppose to be. He's just use to the Congee we get at the Chinese restaurants, where its loaded with pork meatballs, preserved egg and other yummy goodness. Overall, this will be on my regular dinner rotation. It took no time at all to cook and everyone enjoyed it. Especially, Alyssa who devoured 4 bowls of Congee.  :)

Happy Cooking!!

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