18 July 2011

Young Garlic! My new love!

I have been going the local farmer's market with my sister-in-law, who loves food ALMOST as much as I do. She introduced me to young garlic. Oh My God!! I am in love!! My husband loves all things garlic, but Me? not so much. I don't like the sharp bite, it sometimes has. Then, there's young garlic. No bite, and has this amazing mellow garlic flavour. I saute it with veggies, through it in with my pasta in huge chunks. Recently, I grilled a whole head of young garlic on the BBQ and added it to my mashed potatoes with a little horse radish. OH MY GOD!! I was in heaven. My husband, who was not hungry at the time, ate a whole plate of potatoes alone.

Here are some of my creations I have made with my young garlic!!

Spaghetti with Asparagus, Mushrooms and Young Garlic in a White Wine sauce. So yummy!

Grilled steak with roasted young garlic and horseradish mashed potatoes and stir fried green veggies in a light garlic black bean sauce.

OMG! The potatoes were to die for. The roasted young garlic (a whole HEAD of young garlic) was perfect with just a hint of horseradish. *drool*
 Roasted Young Garlic, Hot Red Pepper Jelly and Brie on a toasted slice of Rye.

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