17 September 2012

New obsessions - Bento Boxes.

So I have been on a huge Bento Box binge. I love them. Oh, and I have started to take care of my girlfriends' two little girls. Now, I have 5 kids in my house from the wee hours in the morning until just before dinner time. Well, I guess Bento box style snacks and lunches have been keeping my sanity in check a little bit too. So and obsession that keeps me organized...I can live with that. LOL!! :)

So I have quite the little collection now. Although, I would like a couple more cute ones and maybe some character ones. I have ordered a bunch from Ebay. *Can't wait for them to come in*

Here are a few I have made so far.

Apple slices, Cheese string, Carrot, Hello Panda Cookies,
Edamame, Quail egg

Ham and Cheese sandwiches, Cucumbers, Blueberries,
Happy Panda Cookies, Cheese string, Apple sauce

Unsalted crackers, Cheese strings, Carrot,  Ham rolls,
Happy Panda cookies, Mini jam sandwiches, Grapes 

California and Cucumber Avocado rolls, Fried dumplings,
Grapes, Wasabi and Picked ginger

Ham and Cheese sandwiches, Mini jam sandwiches, Apple slices,
Baby bel cheese, Cheese string, Blanch broccoli and green beans,
grapes, blueberries 

Do you have any tips on how to keep a busy household in order?

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