02 August 2011

Restaurant Review - Green Cup Roastery

My husband and I have this wonderful little coffee shop, we go to at least 3-4 times a week. It's called Green Cup Roastery. We love the atmosphere.They have awesome coffee, the beans are all Fair Trade and Organically grown. They also roast their beans in-house, which make their coffee so much better.

My husband loves their Medium/Dark roasts, and I love their Soy Latte. You also have the option of Almond milk too. Yummy! Alyssa and Logan love their orange juice machine. When we go, they are allowed to make their own juice, which is awesome! It means, they actually drink all their juice, because they made it themselves. Green Cup also has a variety of yummy loose leaf teas, for those who don't drink coffee.

Lots of comfy seating and beautiful artwork.
If you see a piece of art you fancy, you can always buy it. :)

It's always a great feeling when we walk into the shop. We go and spend a couple of hours there, but time seems to fly when we're there. The wee ones love going to drink orange juice and colour. Green Cup has a little cup of crayons for kids to draw with. Alyssa and Logan always know where it is. I keep forgetting to bring a package of crayons to add to their collect. :)

Logan taking a break from  colouring. 

They have lots of little desserts and now sandwiches. We haven't tried their sandwiches yet, but my kids love their brownies. :)

Logan and Alyssa enjoying their brownies.

Oh, and if I haven't sold you on their coffee and treats, they also have free WiFi, great music and some nights, they have a live band playing. So if you're ever in or around Brampton, take a little trip to Green Cup Roastery. You won't regret it!

Green Cup Roastery
15 Main St. North
Brampton, ON
Open: 7AM to Midnight everyday!

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