01 December 2011

Pizza Night!

Tonight was Pizza night. We rarely order pizza anymore, since making it at home is so much fun and can use extra special ingredients like Gorgonzola cheese. Mmm...

I used a pre-made pizza dough for the first time. I usually make dough from scratch, but I came home kinda late. I purchased it from my local Metro store, and it was pretty good. There was enough to make 3 small pizzas. I always make small pizzas, rather then one large one, then everyone can have the toppings they one. It's kinda like a pizza buffet. Eat your heart out Pizza Hut!! *sticks out tongue* LOL!

Chicken Souvlaki Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza

Chicken and Mushroom Pizza

Surprisingly, the kids liked the Chicken Souvlaki pizza the best. I didn't think they would even touch it, because it didn't have tomato sauce on it.

Here is the list of toppings:

Chicken Souvlaki Pizza: Tzatziki sauce base, topped with Greek marinaded chicken, feta, marble cheese and a sprinkle of Greek spice blend.

Vegetarian Pizza: Crushed tomatoes with a sprinkle of Oregano, topped with lots and lots of mushrooms, feta cheese and marble cheese.

Chicken and Mushroom Pizza: Crushed tomatoes with a sprinkle of Oregano, topped with grilled chicken, mushrooms and marble cheese.

With toppings like these, who needs delivery?! Especially, when delivery takes 45 mins to an hour, depending on weather. Then, when it finally arrives, the pizza is lukewarm or the order it wrong! >.<

If you get a chance, why not experiment with your pizza toppings. You might find a new favourite.  :)

Happy Cooking!! :)

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