09 January 2012

Back to School

Well, today is the first day back to school for my kids. Finally, back to some normalcy. I love my kids, but I think they love being out and about more.

I really need a more up-to-date picture of my kids. LOL!
Alyssa is a huge social butterfly. We did have a couple of play dates with her friend Claire. Thank goodness, a few hours where they can entertain each other. Alyssa and Logan play well together for the most part, but on occasion Alyssa has her queen complex and bosses him around. He doesn't play so well with her when she is in that mood. That's when every two minutes, it's: "Mommy, Logan hit me," or "Mommy, Alyssa is not sharing," or "Mommy, Logan is eating my hair." Yep, you read right!!

Kat is in her own teenage world, sometimes I'm VERY thankful of that, so she usually just hides in her room.

Alyssa and Kat are very excited for school today, as am I.

Yeah, Mommy time! Well, kinda. Having only one child seems like a huge break for me right now. LOL! The little things that make mommies happy, who knew. :)

Happy Day!! :)

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