19 January 2012

Help I need better lighting!!

I haven't really been taking pictures of my yummy food or posting any recipe lately. I know it's really sad for me too. I bought a new fancy camera just be for Christmas and it takes some awesome pictures, but since it gets dark around 4:30 pm right now. My pictures still look like crap, due to my kitchen's horrible lighting. *sigh*

I think I may have to actually invest in a light box. Oh, and maybe some photography lessons for my bad composition. I guess I can't blame that one lighting.  LOL!!

Here's a Light Box kit from Henrys.com for $179.99
A little to steep for a simple hobby.
Although, I did find an awesome link, which shows how to make a light box for under $50 bucks. Awesome right!!

I hope to make one soon, then maybe I'll get out of this photography funk. :(

At least, I have my crocheting!! :)

What do you do in your spare moment?

Happy Hobbying! :)

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