09 January 2012

New Hobby :)

Over the past few months have picked up a new obsession hobby. I have been looking for one for a little while now, but I think this is it. I have been making slippers galore.


I have moved on to adult and baby hats, oh and baby mittens. Although, I don't have any babies in my household, I have decided to make as many baby hats and mittens to donate to my local hospital. I am actually really excited for this new venture. I have always told my husband I wanted to change the world, but never really knew how. I think this is my opportunity. :)

I think I have also found a new New Year's Resolution. :)

I wonder how many I can donate in a year. Hmm...

Happy Crafting!!  :)


  1. I used to make tons of slippers as gifts (I like my feet naked). Good job!

  2. I love naked feet too, but I have laminate throughout my house and it's too cold for my little feet. :(


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