11 September 2011

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Today, I sold (for actual money) my first batch of cupcakes. It was pretty random. A lady whom I use to work with was having a baby shower and asked if I could make her some cupcakes. Yay! She thought of me. :)  I think know it's because of my many, many pictures of previous cupcakes, I have posted on my Facebook page - which are all posted here too.

She requested chocolate cupcakes with blue and white frosting. Simple, yes. Did I make them simple, no. Yes, I am a total gluten for punishment. *sigh* I worked so hard to make an impression. I think I succeeded. She sent me an e-mail right after her shower to thank me and tell me how wonderful the cupcakes looked.

Well, here are some pictures and you can be the judge. Oh, I also decorated the box with little words and ribbon. Totally over the top! LOL!

Molded little bears - cupcake toppers

Freehand chocolate baby carriages - cupcake toppers

Fondant flowers

All packed up

Close up
I worried and panicked over these cupcakes. I don't really know why. I have been making them for months and everyone who has had one of my cupcakes really like them. Hopefully, I'll get over it and not worry about them so much. :)

Oh, I also make sugar cookies to match her theme. These turned out so cute. :) I almost didn't have enough cookies, my kids kept stealing and eating them. Worst part was I did have them make their own cookies, but those were not touched until the next morning. LOL!

Baby carriage sugar cookies - decorated with royal icing
I do have to admit, it was fun to make the cupcakes and the little toppers. Maybe I really should look into make this a career, but maybe a little down the road, when Alyssa and Logan aren't so "helpful".  ;)

Happy Baking! :)

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