10 September 2011

Experiment #1-2: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Cupcake

Well, my second attempt of my everything bad free, but taste yummy was kind of a 50/50. I didn't actually make a frosting for it because I could not figure out how to make sugar free frosting. However, I did find a recipe to substitute powdered sugar, but I didn't have an Stevia on hand. Oh well, next time.  :)

Well, this time I did a mixture of Corn and Coconut Flour, sweetened the muffin with honey and used my usual vegan recipe. Well, it turn out more like a brownie then a muffin. It was dence but not dry - does that make sense? My mother-in-law was here when I took them out of the oven, so she tried one. She has been staying away from high-gluten foods. They have been upsetting her stomach, hence me, trying to score huge "brownie" points for making a dessert she can have.

My husband did take them to work, there are a few diabetics there. There were some pretty good reviews as well, only because there were presented as brownies, not muffins. Like I said, there were 50/50. Yes, yummy, but no, not as muffins or cupcakes.

My Brownie Muffin

Oh well, there will just have to be another experiment down the road. I promise, there will eventually be a success story. I just hope it's soon. Christmas is coming up and I would really like to start pumping out my Christmas baking soon.  :)

Well...Happy Baking! :)

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