10 November 2011

What's the best family vacation destination in Canada?

Recently, I was asked what's the best family vacation destination in Canada. Well, we really haven't traveled anywhere since I had my youngest, Logan. We haven't really had the chance or the finances. :(

On the upside, we did  advantage of my in-laws cottage. For years, we have gone up to their cottage, just south of North Bay. It's beautiful up there. The air is cleaner, and the night sky is clearer. It's one of the few places were we ALL have to be disconnected, from TV (only 3 channels up there), Facebook, Twitter, and even cellphone service. There are a few "hotspots" where we can get cellphone reception, like beside the kitchen sink but only if you are standing on one foot with the phone close to the front door. Ok, it's not that bad, but still pretty bad. LOL!

Our "secret" beach

The cottage was small, but we never spent to much time there anyway. Most of the day was spent at a small "secret" beach, which was awesome. The kids love that fact that it was a "secret" beach. No one else knew where it was. We always had such an amazing time there.

So I guess the best family vacation destination would have to be my in-laws cottage. In the middle of nowhere, but it's the best nowhere we've ever been! :)

My 3 little monkeys at the cottage
a couple of years ago

Where's the best family vacation destination you've ever been?

Happy Vacationing!! :)

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