02 August 2011

Blueberry Scones

Well, after our trip from our favourite coffee shop, my husband and I were commenting on the lack scones and biscottis to dip into our favourite coffee drinks. Of course, it got me thinking and craving....well, more craving then thinking! I have some lovely blueberries I picked up from the Farmer's Market. I also picked up a wonderful bar of barrel churned - made from fresh cream - butter. So why not make some fresh blueberry scones?

OH MY GOD!! They were so good! Just toasty enough outside, but so moist and fluffy inside. I originally planned to make them to enjoy with my tea, but my husband and kids were eating them once they were cool enough to touch.

I got the recipe from my favourite recipe site: Allrecipes.com

I didn't have any sour cream, so I subbed with regular milk. I did have to add almost another 1/3 cup of flour, a little at a time, so the dough wasn't so sticky. I also added a teaspoon of vanilla to the wet ingredients. I started making regular sizes scones, but I prefer mini sized ones, like what Starbucks sells. So I made mini ones as well. I added the blueberries to each scone, instead of mixing them into the dough. This way the scones didn't change colour.
Bite Sized Scones

After I baked all the scones, I still preferred the mini ones. Each mini one had a huge blueberry inside, so every time you took a bite, you'd get a squish of blueberry juice. This is what made the scones so yummy. While the scones were still warm, we spread a little fresh butter, and we were in heaven. This will definitely be a keeper and will be adding this it "special" cookbook of all my favourite recipes. However, next time I will be making this recipe with sour cream, hopefully they will be ever better!  :)

Happy Baking!! :)

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