02 August 2011

Cake! - Katerina's Birthday Cake

Well, I would like to say this is my first cake I have ever made, but that's not true. I did make a huge Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting a few months ago. Which turn out to be wonderful.

This time I am making a themed cake. Harry Potter to be exact. My eldest is now a teenager and I wanted to surprise her with a themed cake. I have been really into all things cupcakes, then Cake Pops! and now this is my first themed cake. I have done TONS and TONS of research into making a Harry Potter Cake. I have searched  Google for hundreds of examples. I have seen some amazing cakes and some not so amazing cakes.

Well, here's my not so amazing Quidditch Cake. But Kat liked it and it tasted so yummy! Next year, I promised Kat a better cake, but she said this was pretty awesome! Yes, I have the bestest kids!



Happy birthday Kat!! xoxoxo

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